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International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities

Vision, Purpose, Goals and Objectives

Vision: Everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent doctors.

Purpose:  To promote effective medical regulation worldwide by guiding the medical profession and supporting best practice, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the interest of public safety.

Goals and Objectives:

Support medical regulatory authorities to achieve best practice by:

Goal 1:      Creating a global community of medical regulators by expanding IAMRA’s membership, partnerships and impact, and increasing value to members.

Objectives and Targets:

a)        Understand member needs and expectations of IAMRA in the current environment, as well as the utilization and impact of IAMRA’s written resources.

i.       A single, detailed membership survey

b)       Develop a communications  and engagement strategy, commensurate with IAMRA’s resources, to ensure timely and relevant engagement with member and non-member organisations as well as interaction between members.

i.        Establish a Communications Strategy Working Group  to develop a communications strategy. The Working Group may recommend on engagement of a consultant/expert

ii.   Board endorsement of Communications Strategy by June 2022

iii.    Implementation of Communications Strategy from July 2022

c)      Pursue further engagement with the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure that IAMRA has a voice in issues relevant to professional regulation


i.       Review WHO requirements for partnership
ii.      Apply for partnership with  WHO according to its partnership requirements (if feasible).

d)     Present a range of IAMRA events that meet member needs and offer opportunities for interaction among members


i.       Present a 6-8 weekly program of webinars, culminating in a thematic series in different time zones at the end of 2022
ii.      Present an in-person conference in 2023

e)     With reference to the Communications and Engagement Strategy, increase IAMRA membership, particularly directed towards:


i.       developing MRAs
ii.      established MRAs with models of regulation not based on the UK and ‘colonial’ model
iii.     partner membership, particularly regulators of other professions and those involved in medical education and training

f)       Support and enhance the capability of developing regulatory authorities


i.       Timely response to all requests.
ii.     Outreach to all new, developing medical regulatory authority members

Goal 2:      Supporting and encouraging members to provide, in the interest of the public, regulatory practices and systems that strive for best practice and contribute to the provision of safe,  effective  and equitable health care by the medical profession. (Regulation Reimagined)

Objectives and Targets:

a)        With reference to member feedback [refer Goal 1, Objective a)], provide members with relevant and useful written guidelines, policy statements and short-burst communications, addressing:
  • Emerging issues in regulation, including those that are externally or environmentally driven, and
  • best practice across the range of regulatory functions   


i.       produce written guidelines, policy statements and  short-burst communications, including
·        Policy statement on Cultural Safety
·        Policy statements arising from webinars (where appropriate)
·       Short burst communications on emerging issues in regulation

Goal 3:     Leveraging technology, i) in pursuit IAMRA’s purpose, including the sharing of fitness to practice/disciplinary information among IAMRA members; and ii) guiding members on the adoption of technology in regulation and healthcare.

Objectives and Targets:

a)      Produce resources relevant to leveraging technology in pursuit IAMRA’s purpose, including the sharing of fitness to practice/disciplinary information among IAMRA members


i.       Evaluation of data sharing pilot project
ii.      Go/no go decision on data sharing system
b)     Facilitate the efficient and effective use of Certificates of Good Standing (CGS)/Certificates of Professional Standing (CPS) by all medical regulatory authorities


i.       Maintain and promulgate a list of MRAs willing and able to enter into electronic CGS/CPS sharing agreements
c)      With reference to member feedback [refer Goal1, Objective a)], produce resources on the use and adoption of technology in regulation and healthcare

Goal 4:     Strengthening the evidence base for regulation by encouraging research and evaluation of regulatory processes, and the publication and sharing of findings.

Objectives and Targets:

a)   Facilitate members’ access to current research in medical regulation


i.       Roll out library of published research about medical regulation
ii.      Explore the availability of other resources such as recent literature searches.
b)        Guide medical regulatory authorities in the development of their research agendas
International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities

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